Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Christopher Storey MRICS is a members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, With
around 100,000 qualified members in some 140 countries, RICS is one of the most respected
organisations for professionals involved in land, property, construction and associated
environmental issues.

  • Clients’ money protection: RICS rules state that firms regulated by RICS shall preserve the
    security of all of the clients’ money entrusted to it. We therefore ensure that clients’ money is
    protected; any clients’ money entrusted to us is held in a client account, separate from our own
    money and can only be used for purposes agreed with us by the client.
    SB Surveyors Procedures for Handling Client Money
  • All clients’ money is held in a designated client account, held by Barclay Bank.
    •Access to funds is restricted to the Proprietor of SB Surveyors. Arrangements are in place with
    another Chartered Surveyor to act as a locum should the Proprietor be incapacitated only.
  • Where possible we aim to pay cash and cheques into clients account within 48 hours.
  • Control of authorisation of payments from a client account is always with the specific authority of
    the Proprietor
  • All interest received will be credited to the office account. Any bank charges incurred will be
    charged to the office account.
  • Reconciliation of accounts and checking of reconciling items will be carried out monthly
  • Landlords will be sent a detailed statement detailing the balance on their account in accordance
    with our letting agreement. Tenants will be sent a statement prior to the tenancy commencing of
    any monies due.

RICS also funds a Client Money Protection Scheme – a free service provided by RICS to clients
of firms that are regulated by RICS. Click here for certificate Click here for certificate